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+ Do you offer pickup & delivery?

Yes. Rates are based on distance traveled (zip code basis) and quantity of items picked up. Call our office at 602-272-3867 for details. Customer drop offs & pickups are welcome during normal business hours.

+ How can I receive a quote?

We need to see your project in order to provide an accurate quote. There are 3 ways to get an estimate:

  • Schedule an in-person appointment at our office – free of charge
  • Email pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - free of charge, but please remember the accuracy of this estimate is based off the pictures you send. Emailed pictures are not suitable for insurance claims.
  • Schedule an in-home appointment - charge based on zipcode

+ What are your payment terms?

Payment is due in full when placing an order under $300. A job over $300 requires a 50% non-refundable deposit, and the balance is due prior to delivery or at the time you pick up your items. 

+ What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Cash (exact amount)
  • Checks (ID required)
  • Debit Cards
  • VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC (3% convenience fee applies to all credit cards)

+ Do you allow refunds?

Refinishing, repairs, restoration, custom work, painting, upholstery and woven work are all non-refundable. We allow full inspection of our work upon completion before final payment is made. Any inadequacies must be brought to our attention at that time.

+ Is my furniture safely stored in your facility?

Yes. We carry insurance coverage for our facility and its contents. We have an advanced security system.

+ What qualifications of expertise do you have?

Irwin's Furniture has been providing industry leading excellence since 1989. Most of our artisans have over 20+ years experience each in their field. Our lead upholster has a NUAI Certified Master Upholsterer Certification. Our weaving artisan was recognized by Phoenix Home & Garden magazine as their “Master of the Southwest” for 2006. Our lead wood finishing artisan received training from the Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education.

+ How long will it take to complete my project?

Each project varies depending on 1. the number of items we are currently working on, 2. good weather conditions for proper dry and cure time, and 3. the extent of your projects’ restoration. For example, lead-time for a standard restoration project during a slow part of the year might be 30-45 days, yet the same project during a busy time might take 45-60 days. It is important to note that proper restoration takes time, and is not something that can be done overnight.

+ How do I take care of my furniture?

Please refer to our furniture care tips page (Click here)

+ Do you warrant your work?

Yes. The best guarantee of quality is a combination of work performed by our highly skilled artisans followed up with a post work quality control check from our operations manager, and your approval upon receipt of the finished project.

+ Does restoring my furniture de-value it?

No. One of the primary factors relating to the value of any antiquity is its condition. Any type of damage, breakage, or excessive wear will decrease the value of your furniture. A well-planned and well-executed restoration from a qualified restorer will enhance the value of your furniture, as well as, its aesthetic charm and utility.

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+ Do I need an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome, but our estimators are frequently in and out of the office on jobs. To ensure the right estimator is here for you, please call to schedule an appointment. If you are picking up a completed item and need loading assistance, please call ahead.