This is a question nearly all of our customers are looking for an answer to, because the answer plays a major role in their decision whether or not to restore.

Frequently, customers are trying to balance their love of a particular piece due to sentimental attachment along with consideration of what it might cost to replace that item with a similar newer piece. We also frequently work with insurance companies who are weighing the option of repairing or providing a cash settlement to their policyholders based on what they establish the items value is. I offer the following four categories as parameters that will help anyone to better assess what the value of their piece might be.

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History of Hoosier Cabinets


A Hoosier Cabinet was one of the most charming fixtures a lady could have had in her kitchen. It is a free-standing kitchen workhorse that was invented in 1898 in Elwood, Indiana by a manufacturing company known as, Sellers. Between 1898 and 1950, there were dozens of Hoosier-style cabinet manufacturers in the United States alone. In fact, for about 151 years, Hoosier Cabinet has been tied to the state of Indiana with several theories surrounding its origin.

The population of Hoosier Cabinets began to decrease after World War II, when manufacturing records for the cabinets became very low in Indiana. The modernization of the kitchen appliances with built-in cabinets is more likely to be the reason for the sharp decline, there was not as much need for them. However, today the Hoosier Cabinet is an efficient, practical addition to any kitchen.

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Double Rubs – What’s Really Necessary?

Fabric wearability/strength, known as “double rubs” or abrasion,” is one of the many factors upholsterers and designers must consider when picking out the perfect fabric. The double rub test is performed by placing fabric on a large table, a mechanical arm covered by a piece of cotton duck cloth is then passed back and forth on the fabric. Each back and forth motion is a double rub. The double rubs are counted until the first two strands break.

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Does Refinishing My Furniture Devalue It?

Stool before and after chair restoration

Most Americans have seen & probably enjoyed the popular PBS broadcast, “Antiques Roadshow.” The show was certainly fun to watch and provided a rich education on a variety of antiques. However, their apparent obsession with “original finish” has had the effect of misleading the public about how repairing & refinishing furniture actually affects the value of most furniture. Read more

Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Our New Website!

We are thoroughly excited to launch our new website this week and are incredibly grateful for your continuous support on our journey. Our new site offers a variety of new features,   informative content, and photo images of our master craftsman and their work. There is something special about being able to restore furniture with such character and history and bring it back to life. Our passion intertwined with our skills has made us a favorite among many.  We pride ourselves in bringing you quality and style that is comfortable and affordable. From the kitchen to the living room, the bedroom to the bath we do it all.

We invite you to join us on your journey to creating your dream home furniture renovation. We look forward to keeping you updated with current trends, projects, inspiration, and so much more in our future blogs.